Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Power of Your Intention

Actions are a reflection of your thoughts.

The Power of Your Intention
You are an energetic 'power house' and your influence on others is strong. Keep your intentions set on the 'Highest Good'. Use your ability to energetically uplift the energy of others.

When you are exposed to a specific event, it is how your mind reacts that determines the response, rather than the actual event itself. When you are aware of the power of your intention and how it shapes yourself and the world around you, you recognize how uncontrolled emotions can keep you tied down in the very place you are struggling to get away from.

Conscious Choices
You have the wonderful ability to think positively. It is a conscious choice to ensure that your thoughts and subsequent action are doing their best for you and for others. Whether you call it positive thinking or an affirmation, as long as you believe that it is working then it will have the power to make a difference.
Use whichever words best meet your own needs and purpose each day.

The past has no hold over me
I am in control of my thoughts and emotions
I make conscious decisions to follow one path or another
My life is brimming with bright choices and overflowing with joy and happiness.

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