Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meditation: Finding Answers

Follow the Path of Meditation to Find Answers

You can use the technique of meditation for a variety of purposes and the following meditation is particularly useful for imparting restorative energy within you by helping you to listen to your body on a deep, cellular level. As you participate in this guided meditation you will experience for yourself the limitless possibilities that exist when you release your innate power to co-create your dreams.

All your actions are part of your whole life. You cannot separate them or compartmentalize them, even though you may think that you are successful in doing this. There is not one part of you that belongs only to spiritual activities while another belongs to worldly activities. You cannot project one side of you to some people and a different face to others.

Through your meditation you will come to realize that everything that you think, do, or say affects every part of you and in turn determines how others see you, and how you eventually see yourself. When you see yourself as a whole person you will recognize that your whole life is one complete life; not a series of different scenarios where you can project some qualities and not others or hide some behavior from other people. Sooner or later, all the debris from that part of your life will spill over and it will be a challenge to dig yourself out of it.

Wisdom Mind
With meditation, you enhance your wisdom mind; the part of you that discerns and acts as a supporter, helping you to make wise and appropriate decisions. Your enlightened mind will desire to project the best part of you all the time, in all situations.

Multiple Benefits
Your meditation session will not only benefit yourself; it will benefit everyone that you come in contact with through your ability to be more focused, more peaceful, and more certain of your role in life.

Preparing to Meditate
Choose a time of day when you can allocate at least twenty minutes of solitude in a clean, quiet, and airy space. For most people, this time is available at the beginning or the end of the day. Morning meditation offers an intuitive start to the day, while the evening is an opportunity to unwind.

Meditation is a personal process that begins by freeing the mind from unnecessary thoughts and ideas. You learn how to still the chatter of your thoughts and develop insight. Too often, past pain or potential discomfort in the future draws the mind away from what is happening right now. When this happens, full attention is no longer possible, eroding the bliss of every encounter, every activity, and every thought.

When you are new to meditation, your mind will wander. When you notice that it has happened simply bring awareness back to your meditation practice. Watchfulness of your thoughts, emotions, and reactions occurs by remaining present.

What Do You Want
Decide what you want from your meditation session. Do you want to experience peace, tranquility, receive answers to pressing questions?
It is important that you name your purpose for meditating rather than having only a vague idea. We all seek guidance from time to time on important questions such as “is this the right time to change jobs, move house, or have a child.” While making a decision should never be rushed, you can find yourself closer to determining the right answer through meditation. Surety of both a response and a satisfactory solution arrives through clarifying what you wish to resolve, formulating a question, and asking this question as you enter into your meditation experience.

In the following meditation you will gain the ability to release the thoughts, emotions, and other distractions that clutter the mind in order to release positive power and manifest your sincerest hopes and dreams.

To achieve a result, create a simple question or affirming statement such as:
What do I need to do in order to find time to meditate?
I am free from all obstacles and I have replaced them with my highest energy in order to achieve the required skills to gain promotion in my job.

Take a moment to decide what you want to achieve as you move forward with your session, knowing that as you practice it daily, you will indeed create positive change within you and discern that which is good for you. If you choose to ask a question, allow the thought to rise up in your consciousness as you enter into meditation then release attachment to it.

Finding Answers
As the body relaxes into a meditative state, wisdom imparts. Treasure the silence. It is in the quiet moments that you obtain the answers that you seek. The answer will come to you following your practice, either immediately, or when having a conversation with someone, or by simply reflecting quietly over a cup of tea. The important thing is to be vigilant following every meditation session and to expect an answer.

Breath and Concentration
With the eyes gently closed, inhale and focus on the breath flowing into your body in a smooth and steady stream for the count of two. Then exhale slowly, following the breath as it flows out evenly for the count of two.
And continue, concentrating on keeping each breath of equal length; breathing slowly in for the count of two, exhaling slowly out for the count of two.
Breathe steadily into the base of the lungs, feeling the belly rise gently. Exhale and release the breath in a steady stream. Never force the breath.
Continue for a few more breaths until you no longer need to count and your breath finds its own deep pattern. Notice the rate and rhythm of your breath.
Explore the breath as it enters your body
If any thoughts, feelings or emotions enter your awareness, allow them to drift on by without becoming attached to them. Then quietly return to watching the breath.
If you are able, deepen the breath even further, filling your lungs to a comfortable maximum expansion.
Exhale, allowing the breath to become twice as long as the inhale. Inhale deeply for the count of two and exhale in a smooth and steady stream for the count of four.
And continue, slowing the breath down. Feel the facial muscles relax, the shoulders drawing down and away from the ears. With each lengthened exhalation feel the body relax even further, staying focused only on the rhythmic flow of the breath.
With each controlled inhalation fill your body with the energy of your breath. With the exhalation feel the arms relax, releasing further away from the body.
Feel grounded and supported by the earth.
Your breath is slow and steady. Deepen and lengthen your breath
Draw a white light into you from the base of your spine to the crown of your head
Feel the light permeate throughout your heart center and throughout your body
As you exhale, see the light surround you
Continue seeing the light flow through you and surrounding you
Draw the light into your cells
Sustain this light within you.
Feel the light within you. Become one with the light
Feel the oneness of being
Embrace the light
All is light and love.
You know the source of this love, are filled with this love and know that you are loved.

When you are complete, slowly allow the eyes to open

After Your Meditation
Notice the peaceful feeling inside you. Anytime you feel stressed, return to the peace simply by drawing awareness inward and following the gentle rhythmic flow of the breath.

With your meditation practice you will sharpen your intuition, discernment, and concentration as well as laying the foundation for opening your heart and mind to the myriad of possibilities that await you.



  1. Margaret,

    Nice post. I especially liked the part about finding answers. How true... "It is in the quiet moments that you obtain the answers that you seek.". I've experienced it so many times in my life.

    Sometimes people feel that Meditation is a complex process. I personally believe that meditation could be as simple as just sitting in a chair and relaxing for a moment, or for that matter, even taking one deep breath of fresh air. Wouldn't you agree?

    Mark @ Secrets of Success

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    Yes Mark, as long as there is focused attention, otherwise petting a cat or dog could be construed as meditation simply because it's relaxing.
    A walking meditation is wonderful as it has all the benefits of the open air and physical exercise too yet it is meditation when single-pointed attention is given to each footstep in rhythm with the steady breath.
    Meditation is easy and wonderful.



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