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Inner Knowledge; Harnessing the Senses for Peace, Balance, and Health is available in print through all major stores such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com

Filled with cutting-edge research for a non-yoga audience you don’t have to practice yoga to reap the benefits!

The following is an extract from Chapter 2 Mind Into Matter.

You Can Choose Your Thoughts

Psychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz combined the science of neuroplasticity with quantum physics to help people with obsessive-compulsive disorder adjust what and how they think and thereby learn to respond in new ways.

During his research he made an extraordinary discovery; that these patients were able to achieve lasting change because of their new-found ability to refocus their attention on positive thoughts and behaviors which in turn transformed the neuropathways in their brains.

Schwartz conceived the concept and practice of “self-directed mental force” based on his own personal practice of meditation, along with using the concepts of quantum physics.

Self-directed mental force is a process where the mind forges new connections in the brain simply by changing undesirable thoughts into more constructive and positive ones.

Perspective Awareness Transformation works similarly by allowing you to let go of the old perspective that does not work so that you can consciously make new and healthy choices in thought and deed, and in doing so, transform yourself. 

You are not your thoughts and this means you are not bound to your current thinking.

New perspectives are born from new ways of thinking and new ways of thinking are the cause for and the result of conscious awareness...

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Inner Knowledge: Harnessing the Senses for Peace, Balance, and Health. Available in print.

Inner Knowledge: Harnessing the Senses for Peace, Balance, and Health 

I am so excited to share the news that the latest print and e-book that I have co-written with my colleague Lorrie Jacobsohn is now launched.

Check out 
Inner Knowledge for more information on our new book.

Inner Knowledge; Harnessing the Senses for Peace, Balance, and Health is available through all major online stores such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon etc.

Inner Knowledge fuses ancient yoga wisdom with leading scientific research.  It can enrich your quality of life, open up new possibilities and strengthen your resilience to deal with daily challenges.

As medical professionals, yoga instructors, and educators we’ve developed a down-to-earth, practical approach to incorporate mind-body knowledge into busy lives.

You don’t have to practice yoga or dedicate hours of your time to reap the benefits.


The following is an excerpt from Inner Knowledge.

Chapter 1:  The Power Of The Senses

The ripple effect of the past continues to affect the present only if you give it permission to do so. This is a unique blend of the supply and demand, chicken-and-egg scenarios. What your brain demands, your body supplies.

This natural rebounding of energy is more than cause and effect, right or wrong, or sowing what you reap. There is the constant need for one or the other to be fully satisfied.

Just as the ripple effect of gentle waves expands across the water after a tiny pebble hits the surface, we too, affect those around us with how we live.

We can emanate a sense of calm and harmony so that all the lives that we touch along the way are also affected positively, and each in turn passes this along to another, and so on.

Focusing on the positive thought suppresses the impulses and compulsions that try to take over the mind.

You are in total charge of how you process the information that you are receiving. You witness your life changing for the better, responding with positive thoughts and right actions with greater frequency. 

Focusing on the positive thought suppresses the impulses and compulsions that try to take over the mind.

You will perceive a brilliant new perspective of your capabilities and realize that opportunities are indeed waiting for you.

Step forward with confidence that you have the ability to live fully in the present and to lay the path for what is yet to come. Now, you are well on the path of transformation.

Your vision creates the reality, so how can you create it?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Path To Inner Knowledge is published!!!!

I am delighted to let you know that the book that I have co-written Path To Inner Knowledge is now published as an ebook!

Life is experienced through the senses providing a common thread that connects the body with the mind, and outer experiences with inner thoughts and emotions. Path To Inner Knowledge helps you to change your life from the inside out, despite the outside influences that you are drawn to.

Each week I will post an affirmation, a thought for the week, or an extract from the book.

Join our readers and find your own unique balance between your senses, thoughts and actions.

Thoughts have their own unique energy. Use the power of your words to create only what is positive for you. I am filling each cell with light and creating a new body.
My ideas are flowing and opportunities present themselves.
I am clear on my intentions and my goals.
I choose my thoughts. I am filled with vitality in body, mind, and spirit.
All aspects of my being are filled with love.

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